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Living/dining room & kitchen

As soon as you step your foot inside the Villa, a sense of tradition surrounds you: Furnished with antique pieces and decorated with island and sea inspired works of art, you know you have arrived in Paros! Solid wooden beams holding the ceiling and a large monastery table define the dining room's atmosphere. The kitchen, with its spacious wooden and stone tile benches and its marvelous decorative tiles, stresses the Villa's country character, offering at the same time all the conveniences needed by a modern cook.


The house's main bedroom could not have a different name; "Arhontissa", a woman of noble character and origin in Greek, is a bright, traditionally decorated, spacious room, with a work of art en-suite bathroom, overlooking the villa's estate and the Aegean Sea. A room that will certainly make you feel as a Paros' Arhontissa.

Main House - King Size Bed - A/C - Hairdryer


Families in Greece stick together: "Yaya", our grandmother is always very important. That is why Yaya's room is furnished with imposing, wooden, antique pieces, while lively decorative touches remind of the child hidden in all of us. Yaya's veranda with its built-in armchair and its soothing view of the garden, is an ideal place for your afternoon traditional turkish coffee.

Main House - Double Bed - A/C - Hairdryer


Paros' trademark, the traditional windmill, "Anemomylos" is a room full of rejuvenating energy: spacious and breezy, with a vividly colored, unique bathroom and unexcelled view of the sea from its marvellous veranda, Anemomylos will relieve your mind and elevate your soul.

Second Level - King Size Bed - Sofa that turns to two single beds (not pictured)

A/C - Hairdryer - Kitchenette with small fridge 


"Karavi" means a ship and many of these you'll see passing in front of your window, while you lie in bed. Named after the marble mosaic picturing a ship at its veranda entrance, decorated with exceptional antique pieces of furniture and art, with intense presence of timber, Karavi will surely travel your spirit in calm seas.

Second Level - King Size Bed - A/C - Hairdryer - Kitchenette with small fridge


Named after Helios, the ancient Greek God of the Sun, this room is full of light: With its soft earthy colours, its beautifully crafted and decorated wood furniture, its built-in King size bed crowned with a handmade, traditional, colorful bed headboard, Helios is the ideal, bright and cool shelter for your summer.

Second Level - Built-in King Size Bed - A/C - Hairdryer


With a majestic view of the sea waves breaking on the cliffed coastline, Kyma - the ancient Greek word for wave - offers an unforgettable, enlightening sense of nature's magnitude and beauty, while making the visitor feel cosy and sheltered at the same time: A mystical experience.

Second Level - Queen Size Bed - A/C - Hairdryer


"Kamara" means an archway in ancient Greek. Kamara is also the bedroom in plain Greek. Our Kamara, with its large built-in sigle beds and the unique ambient of a byzantine monastery, is an ideal retreat for your summer's midday serenity - or maybe for your noisy little ones?

Second Level - Two Built-in Single Beds - A/C - Hairdryer

Aegean's Dolphin

An exquisite beach-entry pool is the main attraction of the Villa: Beautifully aligned with the sea's horizon, with delightfully cool and clear waters - due to cutting-edge water clearing technology, inviting irregular shape and a dolphin sculptured at the base of a small waterfall, the pool feels more like your own private beach with a view!

BBQ Area

The Barbeque is bright and comfortable, with a lot of space for grills and skewers and a huge table to accommodate the feast. A long bench and a sink are also available for the necessary baking preparations, while a nearby veranda hosts the companionship, enjoying some ouzo and mezedes before the main dish. For more experienced bakers, a traditional stone oven is ready for use.


Sunbathing underneath the Mediterranean sun or having a glass of wine overlooking the Aegean Sea,

reading a book in a peaceful garden corner, having a calm chat with a friend while enjoying the sunset or having a feast with everybody gathered around the signature pine tree table, whatever your and your loved ones' mood is, there is a place to accommodate it. 


Around every corner, a small visual surprise - or, dare we say, delight? - awaits the visitor; traditional wooden doors, mosaic tables and works of art or architecture please the eye and soothe the spirit of the traveler.  

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